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Wavy Lines

Seamless Services, Corporative Harmony

Transparently cache http traffic, filter urls.

Proxy Server

Multiple line routing traffic with load balancing and failover, filter ips or urls, port forwarding and control bandwidth.

Firewall/Router Server

Provide name resolution services for LAN pcs or devices, forwarding for the Internet.

DNS Server

Provides network settings to clients,controlling client PC and devices local network and internet access.

DHCP Server


Web Services & Databases

Mysql/MariaDB Server

Database server to be used by any website or web application.

Tomcat Server

Run Servlet or Java Server Pages.

Apache Server

http/https services like files, static or dynamic web pages or website, either centrally or per user.

Provides print services.

CUPS Servers

Provide LAN/WAN access to personal or shared files.

SFTP & FTP Servers

Limit disk usage for users and groups.

Quota Server

Network File System for Linux users files.

NFS Server

Network Information Service for Linux user authentication.

NIS Server

Domain Controller for Windows user authentication, file and print services.

Samba Server

Automated backups for system and user files.

Backup Services

User Authentication & File Services

XDMCP and VNC Server

Connect remotely to Linux from LAN or WAN providing sound, devices redirection etc.

RDP Server

Connect remotely to Windows from LAN or WAN providing sound, devices redirection, gpu acceleration etc.

LAN Remote Access

Network boot any client pc providing either remote login prompt to Linux OS or a full Linux OS to be run locally. Handle various pc configurations, like monitor resolution, local hard disk access, printing, service customization etc.

LTSP Server

Network Boot

VPN Server

Secure connection to various services like rdp, vnc, ftp, from the Internet.

WAN Remote Access


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